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Pastor Blue's latest book
Third Edition

Look Up
Your Redemption Draweth Nigh


Look Up!  Your Redemption Draweth Nigh
Back Cover
We are living in such critically important days.  The return of the Lord appears
imminent.  When these biblical outlined events begin to come to pass, the
Lord commanded the believer to Look Up! For Your Redemption Draweth Nigh.
World events at this time in history, were prophetically spoken of in the Holy Bible.
It is highly possible that the generation now living will be the generation that will actually
witness the return of the Lord, coming in the clouds, to redeem true believers, and
catch them away in the rapture.
In this book we have tried to answer a number of questions associated with this important
period in His Story, God's History of mankind.  God would not have us to be ignorant of what is
happening in our world, but to be enlightened with His Truth, and encouraged to be
true redeemers of the time we have left here on earth, and to live as though His return could be today.

Dr. Royal Blue is retired founding Pastor of North Valley Baptist Church in Redding, California.
He has been in the ministry for over 60 years.  His many accomplishments for God's glory include:
Founding Pastor and developer of three youth camps, founder of a church school serving ages
preschool through high school, and a Bible College (serves as Chancellor).
He is one of the founders of KVIP AM and FM Christian Radio in Redding, California, that is currently
worldwide on the internet.    Through his Holy Spirit inspired leadership he has helped many others
use their gifts and talents for God's glory in serving others through starting a Good News Rescue Mission,
over 30 rural churches, and gospel outreach missionary endeavors into far northern California
unchurched areas, and around the world.

Manning the Controls
by Royal D. Blue
ISBN 0-939497-51-4

Manning The Controls by Dr. Royal Blue

ISBN 0-939497-51-4

Foreward by Tim LaHaye


Manning the Controls
Back Cover

If you are trying to figure out what life is all about and get a handle on the important things in your life,
 you may find that your flight path is unpredictable and dangerous.  Perhaps the problem
 is only that you have never put the right "Pilot" into the cockpit of your life.

     God's flight plan includes a safe landing for those who let Him man the controls of their lives
 even when we encounter storms and dangers that would otherwise bring us down.
Let Him pilot the airship of your life.  Find out how and why in Royal Blue's
 book, "Manning the Controls."

     Who controls your life is the most important issue you will ever face, for it influences every decision you make. 
God invites you to make room for Him with the promise that he will then direct your life: 
"In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths." (Prov. 3:6).
     Satan whispers to us, "Do your own thing!  Make up your own mind!  Be the captain of your own soul!"
 If we succumb to his suggestions, we find ourselves at sea, unable to cope with the buffeting life can give us.
  Even worse, we are at the mercy of the Great Deceiver and he leads us in paths of destruction.
 The freedom we expected to find dissipates like the morning fog when the sun arises.
     Pastor Royal Blue gives practical, Bible-based advice on how we can turn the controls of our lives
over to our Savior and find direction, purpose and significance in the decisions we all face in our daily lives.
  His message is stated in an interesting and easy-to-read way which holds our attention.
     I can also tell you, after knowing him for twenty-five years, that Royal lives the advice he gives.
 He speaks to us from a lifetime of experience which has enriched him and made his ministry
                       relevant to those who hear.  You'll find your investment in reading this book to be well rewarded.
                                 Tim LaHaye - Author, Minister

Royal Blue faithfully served over 40 years as founding senior pastor of the North Valley Baptist Church in Redding, California from 1962 until his retirement in 2002.
  The church began from a nucleus of six families and grew to a membership of 1,800 and a staff of 59.  The church plant includes many buildings, and the church ministry included a Christian day school (Kindergarten through twelth grade) with an enrollment of 325.  Pastor Royal Blue also is Founder and President of Shasta Bible College and he was used by God to help start the first radio station in the Northern Sacramento Valley Area, KVIP - AM and FM.  Lassen Pines Christian Conference Grounds was another of the projects brought to fruition under his leadership.
     In spite of his humble beginnings, Pastor Blue has served on many State and local committees in political, moral and religious arenas.  His writing has appeared in many books and publications with one of his most interesting connections being with Sam Butcher, founder of the Precious Moments empire. This book is a treasure you will
cherish and return to time and again in the years to come.  Make it a prized part of your library and enrich your own life and the lives of those you hold dear.

Overcoming Depression

Church History
Pastor Blue has written a couple of pamphlets recently: Overcoming Depression Or Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People;
A Synopsis, Historically, Of What Transpired "From The Foundation Of The Church Until The Kingdom Age."

You can either click on the link to read Overcoming Depression in a pdf file
or purchase the pamphlets below.

Overcoming Depression or Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People
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A Synopsis, Historically,
Of What Transpired
"From The Foundation Of The Church Until The Kingdom Age"

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